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The Incomprehensibility of God – Goodness

Psalm 25:8

“Good and upright is the Lord.”


What a wonderful delight it is to know that God is perfectly good all the time! Christian, can you even imagine what it will be like to be perfectly good in heaven? In this life, it seems like even the best of our actions can be tainted with self-centered motives. We may do even good things for a love of money, for a desire for others to praise us, for a fear that if we do not do the good thing then we will suffer in some way. When you do that which is truly good, you rejoice in it! You are able to look back with satisfaction and say, “Maybe I have not done a lot well in my life, but that, now that was good.” Can you imagine the day when you can say that about your every action, your every word, your every thought?! That is the life of God every moment! To dwell with God is to dwell with unadulterated goodness! To draw near to God is to draw near to Him who is in no way harmful or deceitful, in no way wicked or malicious. To draw near to God is to draw near to goodness that is unlike anything you have ever experienced in this fallen creation!

Start this day not only by praising God for His incomprehensible goodness. Christian, start this day by rejoicing in the knowledge that you are already taking part in it as you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Rejoice in knowing that He will bring you into His very presence, His perfectly good presence, for all time.

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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