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Can You Know Today that You Are Going to Heaven – Perfect and Imperfect

Hebrews 10:14

“For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.”


To be “sanctified” means to be made more holy, more righteous, more like Christ. Christians are being sanctified. While it is true that we can also say that Christians are sanctified, just as they are called saints throughout the Bible, it is also accurate to state that in this life we will continue to struggle with sin and temptation as we are not yet made perfect in heaven. Yet, at the same time, in this very same verse, God says that the Christ “has been perfected for all time.” How can you “have been perfected” if you are still imperfect?


Christian, by grace through faith in Jesus, all of your sins are forgiven. You are given His righteousness. Since your salvation was a gift from God worked by Him in your life, you will never lose your salvation. So take heart! Although you struggle still to be like Christ and grow in sanctification, know that you have already been made perfect in Christ! You can know that, because of His finished work, nothing can rob you of the love that is yours in Christ Jesus.

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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