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Can You Know Today that You Are Going to Heaven – Heavenly Citizenship Now

Philippians 3:20

“But our citizenship is in heaven.”


Christian, it is not the case that you will become a citizen of heaven when you die. It is the case that you are already a citizen in heaven! Your citizenship has been given to you by Jesus who earned a spot in heaven and freely gave you that spot! He is there even right now as John 14:2-3 tells you preparing a place for you in heaven! Jesus will never tear down the place He is building for you as though you will surprise Him and lose your salvation so that you frustrate His plans and He rips down the precious mansion He has been building. He saved you! He has already made you a citizen by His finished work! Christian, go about your day without fear. You are going to heaven because you effectively already have a place given to you and reserved for you by Jesus Christ the Lord.

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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