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The Underappreciated Suffering of Jesus – Christmas

Luke 2:12

“And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.”


Too often people read this very verse and respond with an unbridled glee that completely overlooks the pain of the situation. People eagerly clasp their hands together and exclaim with joy, “Oh look – it’s a baby!” While it is true that the Christian ought to rejoice at this news since you read here of the coming of the Messiah, the Christian should also gasp in horror, inhale in shock, and cover his eyes in the shame and tragedy of it. Why did God have to become human? He didn’t do it just to try it out. Why did Christmas happen? Why was Jesus incarnated as a baby? Christmas happened because of your sin! The birth of Jesus is a proclamation to the world that you needed Him to be born as a human in order to suffer and die for your sin! Yes, it is a time to rejoice that the Messiah is here, but do not rejoice in a way where you blindly and heartlessly overlook the shame and the pain that Jesus is willingly receiving for your sake. The Lord of all the universe lies helplessly in a crib. He who controls the movements of the planets cannot even feed Himself. Why? Why would He allow such pain, weakness, and humiliation? He allowed it because, in His love for you, He was willing to take on flesh and suffer for your sin. Jesus began to pour out His love for you and suffer for your sin the moment He was incarnate as a baby.

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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