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Learning from Animals in Scripture – The Lamb

Revelation 7:17

“For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd.”


Let us learn today from the lamb.

Look at the verse again and see the strange relationship of the nouns. There is a Lamb. For some reason the Lamb is on a throne. That Lamb “will be their Shepherd.” How can a Lamb also be a Shepherd?

God chooses the imagery of sheep to describe His people. Sheep are considerably defenseless and helpless. It is not uncommon for sheep to mindlessly wander into their own demise or to be easily attacked and killed by predators. If not for the rod and staff of a shepherd, the sheep is likely headed for death.

Jesus Christ is that Shepherd who guides His sheep to life. Yet ironically, how does Jesus guide you to life? Jesus becomes the Shepherd by becoming a lamb! He becomes an innocent, helpless lamb, just like us, so that He might be slaughtered in the place of His people. Yet then, unlike us, unlike any other Lamb, Jesus rises from the dead to sit on the throne where He belongs as ruler over creation! It is there, from His throne, that the Lamb who was slain is also able to serve as your Shepherd!

Do not despise being a lamb today. Do not say, “But I would rather consider myself an eagle, providing for my own food! I would rather consider myself a turtle who protects myself with my own strength! I would rather consider myself a bear who ferociously takes what he wants!” You, sheep, have strayed in sin, but you have a good Shepherd who has been slain in your place and now gladly leads you today as He leads you on the way to green pastures and still waters forever.

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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