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Short Prayers – “Lord, help me.”

Matthew 15:25

“Lord, help me.”


Short prayers are some of the very best for quickly tuning your heart to God.

What is your very first thought of the day? Too often it is a groan or a sigh. How much sweeter to start your day with a short prayer!

What do you say to the Lord when you wake in the middle of the night and your mind is half awake and half asleep, incapable of the long, elegant prayer our Lord deserves? A short burst of prayer is best!

Here is the first: it is a fitting prayer for you when you first awake and when you are about to make any decision in your day: “Lord, help me.” If you are not a Christian, then these three words are the most important words for you to say this day. Say them now! If you are a Christian, then how sweet it will be for you to go through today equipped with these three words. Instead of constantly sighing because you are secretly trusting in your own strength, say instead quickly, “Lord, help me!” Take these three words in your hand and run to the Lord, throwing them down at His feet as you collapse before Him and trust in His strength. These were words spoken by a desperate mother asking for help for her daughter. Jesus answered them. Christian, He will answer you as well.

“Lord, help me.”

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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