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Short Prayers – “Father, glorify Your Name.”

John 12:20

“Father, glorify Your Name.”


This is a prayer of Jesus. In all honesty, I believe that apart from a prayer of faith and repentance that first gains salvation for you, there is no better prayer in the world than this prayer. This prayer of Jesus contains the greatest and highest possible desire of every Christian. There is no higher desire. There is no more important request. It is more urgent that God be glorified than that I live. Even if I suffer and perish, God is glorified still! Besides, then I will find myself suddenly in His presence, and do you know what I will most certainly be doing? Glorifying His Name!

No other prayer can set your heart straight than this: “Father, glorify Your Name.”

When you are wondering if you should go right or go left, then this prayer is the best guidance: “Father, glorify Your Name.” It is better than, “Father, which way will be the safest?” or “Father, which way will lead to the greatest prosperity?” I would rather suffer and glorify God than take the path where I safely prosper but do not glorify His Name.

If you want to know the greatest desire you could have, the greatest prayer you could pray, it is certainly these words of our Lord: “Father, glorify Your Name.”

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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