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Responding to Death as a Christian – Receiving Encouragement to Finish the Race

2 Timothy 4:7

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


One last and proper response of a Christian to the death of a fellow Christian is to draw strength from the experience. Yes, you weep. Yes, you thank the Lord for heavenly life. Yet you have also beheld a Christian who has fought the good fight. You have seen a Christian finish the race. By the strength of God in that person, that Christian kept the faith. You might be feet away from the finish line or it might seem as though the finish line is still tens of thousands of miles away. But you will reach it. By the strength of God in you, you will reach it. He will finish the good work He began in you. Look to the Christians who have gone before you and take heart. They have made it. By the grace of God, so shall you.

In Christ,

Pastor Yonkman

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